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Hotel Vincci Gala Barcelona by TBI Architecture & Engineering

Category: Hotel Published on 21 Nov, 2014

Situated in a period building in Barcelona’s Eixample district, the recently opened four-star Hotel Vincci Gala pays tribute to the genius of the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí.

Red Bull’s New York Offices by INABA

Category: Architecture Published on 21 Nov, 2014

Best known for its high-energy drink, Red Bull wanted its New York offices to be low-key. The 16,800 sqsf project doesn’t celebrate the company’s values with eye-catching forms, nor is its layout inspired by recent theories of workplace productivity.

The MINI Citysurfer Concept

Category: Technology Published on 20 Nov, 2014

In order to face up to the current and future challenges posed by the traffic situation in urban conurbation areas all over the world MINI presenting an innovative concept for flexible individual mobility, the MINI Citysurfer Concept.

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NYC Replaces PayPhones with Free Gigabit Wi-Fi hubs

Category: Technology Published on 20 Nov, 2014

New York City plans to turn its public payphone network into the biggest and fastest free municipal Wi-Fi network in the world.

Parrot unveils $499 Bebop Drone

Category: Technology Published on 20 Nov, 2014

Equipped with a Full HD 14 megapixel camera stabilized on a 3-axis framework, the Parrot Bebop Drone takes video and pictures of the world in a 180° field with remarkable image quality.

Le 205 by Atelier Moderno, Montréal

Category: Houses Published on 20 Nov, 2014

A designer, his two sons, and their tireless terrier Winston share a small 1950’s building that stands rather unnoticed among its neighbors in the Mile-Ex district in Montréal. The robust walls of this former workshop, however, hide a jewel conversion within led by Atelier Moderno.

Nendo designs cover-brella for by | n

Category: Design Published on 20 Nov, 2014

Japanese studio Nendo designed a lightweight folding umbrellas that weigh only 108 grams, thanks to their carbon-fibre frames.

Tales of Auto Elasticity by Chris Labrooy

Category: Art Published on 19 Nov, 2014

UK-based artist Chris Labrooy has unveiled his latest series of work titled ‘Tales of Auto Elasticity’. Based on his previous 2013 Auto Aerobics project, the series of illustration a range of brightly colored classic pickup distorted and interlocked to produce elastic compositions.

Audi Prologue concept car

Category: Technology Published on 19 Nov, 2014

At the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi has unveiled the Audi Prologue concept car. The two-door coupe has a flowing, elegant shape in a sporty and taut design.

Her Majesty’s Pleasure by +tongtong, Toronto

Category: Architecture Published on 19 Nov, 2014

Toronto design firm +tongtong’s latest project, Her Majesty’s Pleasure, is equal parts café, retail boutique, beauty salon and bar, all located under one roof in downtown Toronto.