Labyrinth Table by Benjamin Nordsmark

Category: Design Published on 04 May, 2015

Danish artist, designer and craftsman Benjamin Nordsmark has created the Labyrinth Table to show how a well known object like a table can be given an extra dimension by creating a small universe inside of it.

Closca Fuga Foldable Helmets for Cyclists

Category: Style Published on 04 May, 2015

Valencia-based startup Closca Design introduces its second generation of foldable helmets for urban cyclists, the Closca Fuga.

Richard Guilbault Refurbishes a 30 sqm Flat in Paris

Category: Architecture Published on 04 May, 2015

This 30 sqm flat in Paris transformed by French architect Richard Guilbault was first divided into 4 very dark rooms difficult to fit out. Today occupied by a young couple, the ambition of this full update was to create a dynamical and bright living room, to optimize the use of the private rooms and to maximize the possibility of storage space.

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Lightbox by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Category: Houses Published on 02 May, 2015

Designed as a home and studio for a photographer and his young family, Lightbox by United States-based architectural practice Bohlin Cywinski Jackson enables one to view the subtlety and beauty of the site while providing comfort and pleasure in the constantly changing light of the forest.

Vincent LaForet’s Aerial Views of Los Angeles

Category: Art Published on 02 May, 2015

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent LaForet presents the latest images of his ongoing series “Air” capturing shots of Los Angeles at night from 10,000 feet above the ground.

Starbucks Express Format Store in New York

Category: Restaurant Published on 02 May, 2015

Starbucks opens its first express format store in New York, an experiment in servicing commuter customers.

teamLab reinterprets Waterfall with a Digital Installation for the Japan Pavilion at Expo 2015

Category: Art Published on 30 Apr, 2015

teamLab will exhibit a digital waterfall of informations, offering a journey of knowledge through the Japanese culinary culture, with an interactive installation — titled “Diversity” — inside the Japan Pavilion at Expo 2015.

Seven Doors: Nendo introduces a new door collection for Abe Kogyo

Category: Design Published on 30 Apr, 2015

Renowned Japanese studio nendo introduces “Seven Doors”, a new door collection which celebrates the 70th anniversary of Japanese wooden door manufacturer Abe Kogyo.

Zimoun’s Installation at STRP Biennial 2015

Category: Art Published on 30 Apr, 2015

Swiss artist Zimoun has unveiled his latest work at this year’s STRP Biennial in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

True WetSuits by Quicksilver Japan

Category: Style Published on 28 Apr, 2015

Quicksilver Japan introduces the True Wetsuits, the 1st suit of its kind in the world, which can be worn on business occasions, for parties, and, of course, surfing.