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playLAND pavilions by LIKEarchitects

Category: Design Published on 31 Oct, 2014

LIKE architects’ playLAND is a set of three bouncy and colorful spatial interventions set for children in the public space of Paredes de Coura, Portugal, using beach floats as construction module.

House in Hanekita by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

Category: Houses Published on 31 Oct, 2014

Japanese architect Katsutoshi Sasaki designed this two-storey house in hanekita for two family living in a residential neighbourhood in Okazaki, Japan.

Giant Birdsnest by OGE CreativeGroup

Category: Design Published on 31 Oct, 2014

Israel-based OGE CreativeGroup have conceived the Giant Birdsnest as a new and inspiring socializing space, the perfect fusion of furniture and playground.

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Sambade House by Spaceworkers

Category: Houses Published on 30 Oct, 2014

A pure concrete volume, with rectangular base, is adjusted to the ground and opens into the green landscape.

Kodak PixPro SP360 Action Cam

Category: Technology Published on 30 Oct, 2014

The Kodak PixPro SP360 Action Cam is a game-changing, innovative and highly portable device, designed to capture stunning 360 HD videos and fully immersive images all in one shot and without the need for multiple cameras and devices.

Basket-Container by Nendo + Kanaami-Tsuji

Category: Design Published on 30 Oct, 2014

Japanese studio Nendo has created this basket-container collection in collaboration with Kanaami-Tsuji, a Kyoto-based wire netting firm that preserves the craft’s traditions and develops it for contemporary living and future generations.

The Cyclist Bags by Julie Thissen

Category: Style Published on 30 Oct, 2014

French/Dutch designer Julie Thissen has conceived The Cyclist, a series of bags developed especially for urban cyclist that perfectly combine practicality, elegance and safety.

Epo Bicycles by Bob Schiller

Category: Design Published on 29 Oct, 2014

In response to many European bicycle firms that outsource their production to countries like Taiwan and China, Dutch designer Bob Schiller has designed the Epo Bicycle that aims to revive the Dutch tradition of bicycles manufacturing and bring production back to the Netherlands.

Tape Paris installation by Numen / For Use at Palais de Tokyo

Category: Art Published on 29 Oct, 2014

Berlin-based art collective Numen / For Use employed 44kms of scotch in their latest installation called “Tape Paris”, at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, as part of the large ‘Inside’ exhibition.

Nike x Liberty Holiday 2014 Collection

Category: Style Published on 29 Oct, 2014

Nike technology and Liberty London heritage unite in their 10th collection, featuring a custom print.