Captive Landscapes by Daniel Kukla

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We, as humans, go to great lengths to satisfy our desire for a connection with the natural world, especially in our interactions with wild and exotic animals. Zoos are the primary site for this relationship, but they often obscure the conflicts inherent in maintaining and displaying captive wild animals.

In this series, photographer Daniel Kukla has photographed the interiors of animal enclosures at 12 different zoos across the U.S and Europe. These images invite the viewer to question the role of these constructed habitats, and explore the motivations behind collecting, preserving, and controlling the natural world.

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images © Daniel Kukla


Inside the Keret House, the World’s Skinniest House by Jakub Szczesny
Portal of Awareness by Rojkind Arquitectos
Starlight by Erich Remash, Jeremy Berglund, Don Peterson + Chad Ingle
LEDscape light installation by LIKEarchitects
Taxi-Dermy Lenticular Prints by Joe Jin
Hiding in the City: Liu Bolin's exhibition at Galerie Paris-Beijing
Quiet Motion installation by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for BMW i
Perspectives by John Pawson for Swarovski at Venice Art Biennale 2013
New Floating Colorful Umbrellas in Agueda by Ivo Tavares Studio
Maya, Pixelated Sculpture by Luke Jerram
Moon - Online Drawing Project by Ai Weiwei & Olafur Eliasson
Yuken Teruya Sculpts Trees Out of Paper Bags
Design Exchange and Pharrell Williams present “This Is Not A Toy” Exhibition
The Sound of Taste: audio visual installation for Schwartz Flavour Shots
25 Limited Edition Really Tattooed Bottles by Sébastien Mathieu for J&B
Lytro unveils Illum light field camera
La Cage aux Folles installation by Warren Techentin Architecture
Alex Chinneck’s hovering installation in Covent Garden
Waterlicht installation by Daan Roosegaarde
Slinkachu’s Miniature Street Art Installations in London

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