Captive Landscapes by Daniel Kukla

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We, as humans, go to great lengths to satisfy our desire for a connection with the natural world, especially in our interactions with wild and exotic animals. Zoos are the primary site for this relationship, but they often obscure the conflicts inherent in maintaining and displaying captive wild animals.

In this series, photographer Daniel Kukla has photographed the interiors of animal enclosures at 12 different zoos across the U.S and Europe. These images invite the viewer to question the role of these constructed habitats, and explore the motivations behind collecting, preserving, and controlling the natural world.

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images © Daniel Kukla


Sony Music Icons Earbuds Campaign by Welcomm Publicis Worldwide
Temporary Sand Drawings by Tony Plant
Gunilla Klingberg's installation at Rice University Art Gallery
The Gerald Paper Dog project by Lazerian
Rain Room installation by Randon International at MoMA
No More Stars: Abandoned Star Wars Movie Set photographed by Rä di Martino
Dots Obsession installation by Yayoi Kusama at SKUM Sørlandets Kunstmuseum
Cerebral Hut kinetic installation by Guvenc Ozel
James Turrell Reimagines the Guggenheim Rotunda for its solo exhibition in New York
The Guest Porcelain Figurine by Gary Baseman for Lladró
Katharina Fritsch: Giant blue 'Hahn / Cock' in London's Trafalgar Square
Google Maps Pin made from 10.000 sequins by Örnduvald
Secret Operation 610 by Rietveld Landscape + Frank Havermans
Stunning Sculptures made by Stone and Glass by Ramon Todo
Ella and Pitr's Optical Illusion Murals in Saint-Étienne
Hand Drawn Rotoscoping Gifs by Matthias Brown
The Divine Comedy: Heave, Hell, Purgatory revisited by Contemporary African Artists
Federico Babina's Archimusic illustrations
Social Pool by Alfredo Barsuglia
Gift Horse by Hans Haacke on the Fourth Plinth, London

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