Noma Restaurant by Space Copenhagen

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Danish studio Space Copenhagen has re-designed the interior of Noma Restaurant, which was this year named “World’s Best Restaurant” for the third time in a row. All the furniture, surfaces, curtains, painted surfaces, toilets have been completely changed or renovated. Especially the lounge area involved quite a lot of construction. Architects have build a long brick wall facing the rest of the building to get a more defined lounge space, and the long massive bar was replaced with spatial elements in grey wood and brass – mounted at the columns which creates a completely different flow and openness of the space.

The chairs and tables in the restaurant are the same design as in the original Noma, but surfaces and colors are changed: “We decided to respect and protect the existing atmosphere of NOMA, but work carefully with the space and functional elements in terms of detailing, tactile surfaces, colours — more or less as a 1:1 mood board of samples, wood, stone, leather, textiles, furniture. a balance between the rough and the refined detail and elegance.”

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images courtesy of Space Copenhagen


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