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Inspired by traditional processes, CASA DEL AGUA emerges as a nostalgic brand that evokes and appeals to that which is well made, to the practical, to the timeless, but especially to the beautiful. Man, machine, and nature come together in a common language, unafraid to speak with clarity and purpose. CASA DEL AGUA is the encounter between past and present speaking with a high sense of “honesty and transparency”. Also known as “El Agua Local” (The Local Water) or –“De Barrio” (Neighborhood) because it collects, distills and harmonizes on site, CASA DEL AGUA is instinctively contemporary, yet passionately classic. With conviction, it represents everything that is worthy for what it “is” and not for what it “intends to be”.

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project by TH INC (HĂ©ctor Esrawe – Ignacio Cadena) – images © Jaime Navarro


Dadong Art Center | de Architekten Cie + MAYU architects
Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin by Daniel Libeskind
Bao House by dot Architects
Day Nursery of the Giraffe by Hondelatte Laporte Architectes
Migliore+Servetto architects for "Altagamma - Italian Contemporary Excellence" exhibition
Edgeland Residence by Bercy Chen Studio
Messe Basel New Hall by Herzog & de Meuron
Taiyuan Museum of Art by Preston Scott Cohen
Mainport Hotel by MAS Architectuur + Feran Thomassen
The Pool at Pyne in Bangkok by TROP Studio
Nikbor Hostel - Student Residence by Normal
Three Cusps Chalet by Tiago do Vale Arquitectos
Rebel House in Almere by MONO
Kolmio+LIM Nail Salon By Yusuke Seki In Osaka
Arkwright office in Oslo by Haptic Architects
Architecture Animée Gif series by Axel de Stampa
Sneakerboy Melbourne Store by March Studio
Foster + Partners inaugurated the Yacht Club de Monaco
Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle
Mount Pleasant House by Roundabout Studio, Toronto

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