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Inspired by traditional processes, CASA DEL AGUA emerges as a nostalgic brand that evokes and appeals to that which is well made, to the practical, to the timeless, but especially to the beautiful. Man, machine, and nature come together in a common language, unafraid to speak with clarity and purpose. CASA DEL AGUA is the encounter between past and present speaking with a high sense of “honesty and transparency”. Also known as “El Agua Local” (The Local Water) or –“De Barrio” (Neighborhood) because it collects, distills and harmonizes on site, CASA DEL AGUA is instinctively contemporary, yet passionately classic. With conviction, it represents everything that is worthy for what it “is” and not for what it “intends to be”.

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project by TH INC (HĂ©ctor Esrawe – Ignacio Cadena) – images © Jaime Navarro


House GePo by OYO / Open Y Office
Tetsuo Kondo: House in Chayagasaka
Villa Mallorca's Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup + Studio Mishin
Kook Osteria & Pizzeria | Restaurant in Rome by Noses Architects
Wing of Glory pavilion by Mekene for the 2014 FIFA World Cup
Papabubble Candy Shop in Tokyo by Torafu Architects
Discovery Season Pavilion by Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan
M&M Residence by Arquitetura Bonina
Bungalow in Andrew Road by A D Lab
Icehotel Deluxe Suite by Wouter Biegelaar, Victor Tsarski and Peter Koerbler for MINI
Luxury apartment building on Passatge Marimon in Barcelona by Mateoarquitectura
Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm in Obergurgl by Designliga
G-Star RAW HQ by OMA, Amsterdam
Fall House by Fougeron Architecture, Big Sur
Archimachine: Federico Babina illustrates 17 countries through architectural machines
Robert Storey Studio for Nike Women's Fall Holiday Presentation 2014
Tribal Act tattoo & piercing parlor by FREAKS freearchitects
Loft above Jaffa by Hankin Shavit Architecture & Design
Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle
Rocksalt Bistro & Winebar Malta by Studio Daaa Haus

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