U-turn LED spotlight range by Michel Charlot for BELUX

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BELUX‘s new U-TURN LED spotlight range designed by swiss industrial designer Michel Charlot is an invitation to playfully interact with light. By means of a magnetic ball joint, the spotlight can easily be adjusted to the full radius and even completely turned around by hand. Together with the adjustable beam angle, U-TURN is a multi-purpose light tool with a big fun factor.

The core elements of U-TURN are the ball joint and the round, palm-sized lamp head, in the centre of which is a magnetic depression, connecting it to a metal ball. This mechanism allows moving the lamp head with playful ease, creating a large radius. Since the depression in the lamp head is magnetic on both sides, it can be turned upside down and replaced in a jiffy. This way, U-TURN provides the choice between direct or indirect LED light. Moreover, the beam angle is easy to adjust with a slight turn, similar to the zoom of a camera.

U-TURN’s robust design is also reflected in the choice of material. For instance, the lamp head is manufactured in high-quality die-cast aluminium. Even more versatile and fun to play with is the U-TURN clamp-on light. In this version, the ball joint is fit directly on a large clamp, allowing the light to be secured on countless objects, such as a heating pipe or a bookcase for example, giving maximum flexibility.

The lamp series comprises six varieties (reading, pendant, wall, ceiling, universal and clip-on lights) in the colours black, silver and telegrey. The clip-on light is also available in poppy red.

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images courtesy of BELUX


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