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Café Craft by Pool

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Paris-based design studio Pool realized the graphic identity, interior design and most of the furniture of Craft Café in ParisDominated by the contrast of black and white, their project graphically highlights the architectural lines and plays on alternating floors to signify the various spaces, without hurting the depth of vision. Between diversion and refinement, noble and industrial materials, apparent mounting and precious finish, POOL expresses its dual style and writes a usage scenario faithful to the spirit of the café.

CRAFT, 24, rue des vinaigriers, Paris.

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2 cafe craft by pool Café Craft by Pool 3 cafe craft by pool Café Craft by Pool 4 cafe craft by pool Café Craft by Pool 5 cafe craft by pool Café Craft by Pool 6 cafe craft by pool Café Craft by Pool 7 cafe craft by pool Café Craft by Pool 8 cafe craft by pool Café Craft by Pool

images courtesy of Pool ( POOL is a design studio founded by Léa Padovani & Sébastien Kieffer ).


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