Digital Ecosystems stand by Indissoluble @ Istanbul Webit Congress

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Digital Ecosystems stand was designed with a pixel-like structure in mind by barcelona-based studio Indissoluble. The company needed an appropriate atmosphere to present their services for digital marketing activities at the biggest booth of the Istanbul Webit Congress, Turkey.

According to the displayed product attributes, the stand had to be technological, light weighted and open. It has been produced using only “smart” materials. In addition, a good logistics were needed to be able to transport it due that most of the pieces were produced and pre-assembled in Barcelona, 3.000 km away from Istanbul.

Indissoluble have designed a modular building system composed by metallic cubes of 1 mm thick aluminum sheet, reinforced by bending it. Each cube is 60 cm tall, weighs only 2,9 kg, and itʼs made of 12 laser cut aluminum pieces. Modules can be packed into flat boxes to optimize their storage and transportation. The strength of the entire structure is given by the joint of dozens of them. For the Digital Ecosystems stand were used around 300 units.

The resulting booth is demarcated by a 3,60 meters tall modular wall. Cubes are painted in black using an automobile coating technology. The ones located at sight height also have bright colors matching the Digital Ecosystems brand. The stand creates a separated atmosphere form the rest of the pavilion, and builds a unique space where commercial activity is combined with conferences and social interaction.

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images courtesy of Indissoluble


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