Ipera 25 by Alataş Architecture & Consulting

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Located in the historic and protected district of ’s Galata, Ipera is a 10 flat building that goes beyond the conventional codes of the area. Respecting the current architectural fabric, infrastructure, natural conditions, climate and sun movements, and developing socio-economic conditions of the area, the project designed by the architect Ahmet Alataş for the 1000 m2 large building is built around a design that uses today’s technology to offer new solutions to respond to well-known architectural problems.

To describe it simply, the building is constructed around two blind walls made of fine concrete and a glass façade and wooden shell that cover the fully transparent living quarters. Perceived as a giant blind façade from an angle, the wooden surface can be seen as a tulle curtain that filters the light and works as an element that controls the sunlight . The building is made of fine reinforced concrete built around steel an concrete elements that are used in a composite manner.

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