BD Barcelona Design celebrates 40th birthday with hand-painted vases by Jaime Hayon

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To celebrate its 40th birthday, BD Barcelona Design launches a limited-edition collection of 40 vases hand painted by Jaime HayonThe exclusive, numbered collection of vases from the Showtime collection are one-of-a-kind items for the spanish furniture company who has a long tradition of working with artists such as Juan Gris and Salvador Dali. In recent years the brand has collaborated with designers including Konstantin Grcic,Doshi Levien and NHDRO.

“We wanted to produce a piece to celebrate our 40th anniversary and we thought Jaime was one of the best designers to do a special collection,” BD Barcelona Design founder Jordi Arnau told. “He proposed to do a hand-painted vase using a piece from the Showtime collection, hand-painted with 40 different designs.”

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images © Eugeni Aguilo – Nienke Klunder


Ka Lamp Collection by Daniel García & María José Vargas for Woodendot
SCAR furniture by Luca Macrì
The Babylon Plantable Light Fixture by Ryan Taylors
Homework table by Tomas Kral for Super-ette
Foscarini: YOKO table lamp by Anderssen & Voll
August Smart Lock by Fuseproject
Cloud Ceiling installation by Wayne Garrett & Caitlind Brown at Progress Bar
Infographic: The 9 Types of Facebook User
Eigruob lamp by Nendo for Kartell
The Dash, Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones by BRAGI
Nike unveils the Magista Football Boot
Shanty Cabinet Collection by Doshi Levien for BD Barcelona
Grand Angle chair by École Boulle students + Majencia
Hexx Table Lamp by Diesel Living with Foscarini
Basket Lamp by Nendo + Kyoto Kanaami-Tsuji
The Abyss Table by Duffy London
Giant Birdsnest by OGE CreativeGroup
Dolfi Ultrasonic Portable Washing Machine
2105 Pratt GAUD Exhibition Floating Installation
Labyrinth Table by Benjamin Nordsmark

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