iFlash One bike light by KiBiSi

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iFlash One is a bike light created by danish interdisciplinary studio KiBiSi for intuitive use and easy storage, accommodating modern day lifestyle on the go. iFlash One uses magnets for easy fastening, effortlessly clicking onto a magnetic base which is permanently fixed to your bikes handlebars or seat post, once connected the light turns on automatically. When not in use the magnets pair the front and rear unit into one compact object ready for storage in your pocket or bag.

” iFlash One is designed with a holistic approach merging light and fitting into one object with an overall and simple DNA. I like that the magnet seems magic. Making safety fun and easy through simple everyday usability has been key in this project “ says Head of Design at KiBiSi Lars Larsen.

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images courtesy of KiBiSi


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