Arik Levy “Experimental Growth” exhibition @ Fondazione Bisazza

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The Bisazza Foundation for Design and Contemporary Architecture will be hosting – until 21 December 2012 – a new exhibition dedicated to the Israeli designer Arik Levy, with the title Experimental Growth. The exhibition project is Levy’s first show in Italy and it comprises a structural modification to the architecture of the Foundation, a macro-installation called Rock Chamber and a video created especially for the event. Arik Levy’s project for the Bisazza Foundation revolves around Rock Chamber, a major sculptural work that will become part of the Permanent Collection, where it will be located in a space conceived and designed especially by the artist himself.

For the first time since the opening of the Bisazza Foundation, an artist will not only put his name to an installation for the Foundation, but his project will also affect the very architecture of the spaces. As regards the site specific work titled Rock Chamber, Arik Levy adds: “This opus marks a transition towards monumental and functional sculpture on a large scale. Rock Chamber will be covered with mosaic tiles and will give the impression of a carbonized meteorite, which has passed through the atmosphere and arrived on the Earth. We are the prehistoric men of the future and this is our future cave”. In the new hall dedicated to Levy and designed by him, an exhibition/installation is staged to enable the artist to trace the creative evolution of Rock Chamber and the geometrical aspect of its material through the projection of an original video titled “Virtual Truth” also commissioned for the exhibition Experimental Growth to make it even more engaging the visitor experience: the public can interact with the images in motion and change their perception of space.

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images Fondazione Bisazza


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