Kolorit by Katrin Korfmann @ Kai Hilgemann Gallery

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On the occasion of the European Month of Photography in Berlin KAI HILGEMANN GALLERY presents new photographic works entitled ‚Kolorit’ by the German artist KATRIN KORFMANN, who emerged as the winner of the prestigious RADO STAR PRICE SWITZERLAND 2012.In the center of the exhibition stands the triptych entitled Kolorit (Red/Yellow /Purple), which is the result of a project trip to India in early 2012.

‚Kolorit’ is a German word the source for which can be attributed to the Italian language and it refers to the combination, shadow and composition of various colours in a painting or photograph. But the word Kolorit is also used as a metaphor to describe a culture or lifestyle in a foreign place.

In this triptych the passing of time at a particular location is shown through a change of colours. The photographs register a Hindu ritual which entails the use of colour pigments and water. Here Korfmann is not searching for a monochrome background which reduces the space to a neutral point, but the human figures themselves form the material from which the colour field is created, resulting in an abstract image with a remarkable resemblance to painting.

Markgrafenstrasse 67 – 10969 Berlin
23. November 2012 – 22. December 2012

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