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Höst and New Norm Dinnerware – a symbiotic relation of contrasts Norm Architects and Danish designhouse Menu have joined forces with Copenhagen restaurateurs Cofoco, to create a distinctly urban restaurant with obvious romantic and rural references. Höst is an embodiment of the clash between romanticism and modernity. A space of multiple stories intertwining and correlating to form an inspirational and aesthetic universe for all senses. An obvious and reoccurring characteristic of both concept and cooperation is the juxtaposition of elements. Höst is rustic gone simplistic. Rural gone urban. Past gone contemporary.

The classic virtues of Nordic cooking have found its contemporary counterpart at Höst. In the kitchen traditional ingredients are combined with the visions characterizing New Nordic Cuisine. And in the restaurant loads of green plants, woollen blankets and the warmth of used wooden planks soften and complement the tight no-nonsense architectural aesthetic so distinct for Norm.
Furthermore, Norm has ventured into sustainable interior design by implementing details such as cut-up Euro-pallets, vintage lamps and even windows from an old hospital. Norm and Menu have designed and produced New Norm Dinnerware exclusively for Höst, and if you dig deep you will find a hidden world of Scandinavian taste. On several levels modernity and interaction become evident in New Norm Dinnerware.

The multitude of parts, materials and colors provides numerous possibilities and expressions, and when you flip over certain parts, you will find an entry to www.newnorm.dk, an online inspirational universe of everything distinctly Scandinavian – from moods and designs to produce and recipes. The juxtapositions found throughout Höst and New Norm Dinnerware serve as the foundation for a symbiotic relation that comes to define what is “New Nordic”: A timeless aesthetic rooted in traditions and driven forward by visions.

images © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.


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