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inDITO by Vito Nesta

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The thimble is an object used for thousands of years, with different forms depending on the type of material to be sewn, adapting as development of the structure of the needle, this item had a strong meaning home. Over the centuries, it is produced with precious materials, transformed into small ornamental object, as well as being a tool to use even a precious jewel to show off.With writings, drawings and mottos, enamel and porcelain, it becomes a commemorative and collector’s object.  At the beginning of 19th century industrial production began, the metal becomes thin, the tip fairly flat and the distribution of small holes is regular.

The italian designer Vito Nesta takes this object so rich in history and gives it another identity, trasforming it into “inDITO”, a ceramic vase, from the various colors that faithfully reproduce the thimble, with a larger size, that becomes a poetic and ironic piece of furniture.

2.jpg2 indito by vito nesta inDITO by Vito Nesta 3.jpg3 indito by vito nesta inDITO by Vito Nesta 4.jpg4 indito by vito nesta inDITO by Vito Nesta 5.jpg5 indito by vito nesta inDITO by Vito Nesta 6.jpg6 indito by vito nesta inDITO by Vito Nesta

images courtesy of Vito Nesta


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