Ag++ Metal Bumper for iPhone 5

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The Ag++ Metal Bumper for the iPhone 5 developed by italy-born, japan-based designer Andrea Ponti, is an aluminum case shaped from a solid aerospace aluminum block by state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Ultra-shock absorbing and ultra-bend and twist resistant, the Ag++ Metal Bumper is the result of innovative research where function meets art. It is environmentally friendly, entirely recyclable, and it features a safe and all-round comfortable grip thanks to its purposefully asymmetrical ergonomic design and compact size: ultra-slim and amazingly light (only 16 grams).

The Ag++ Metal Bumper was created to protect all parts of your iPhone 5 that are most exposed to dents, scratches, and wear such as touch-screen corners, ports, and side buttons. The two-part casing is designed to ensure both perfect functioning of the antenna and easy access to all smartphone ports and buttons. The casing installs quickly thanks to two easy-to-use stainless steel micro-screws that lock the phone in: safe and simple!

The Ag++ Metal Bumper is produced by Pineway Asia Ltd. and distributed across Asia Pacific by Case Logic.
Price: 49,99USD
Available Color: Matte Silver / Dark Gray


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