Serrano Street’s Christmas Lighting by Teresa Sapey

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Every single year, Madrid council asks some of the most important designers, architects or courtiers to make designs for Madrid’s streets. This year Teresa Sapey was asked to conceive Serrano Street’s Christmas lighting. Placed in one of the most luxurious neighbourhoods in Madrid, Serrano Street is well known for the high fashion designer’s shops. It seemed to be a very difficult task, but Teresa thought this was a very good chance to lighten up the street using very colourful and geometric designs. Her aim was to the grey and cold Serrano into a warm place, filled with colour.

Her designs have a countless amount of colours combined with circle shapes. Each one is different from the others, forming a sequence of drawings that can be seen from both sides. This designs concerns as well about environmental conservation and ecology. Made by using LED technology, it is also sustainable and efficient, requiring less power and producing low energy consumption.

images courtesy of Teresa Sapey


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