The Lefo Mall Shopping Centre by Broadway Malyan

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The Lefo Mall Shopping Centre has opened its doors to the public in Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province Eastern China, with the scheme being the largest retail project to be built to a design by global architecture, urbanism and design practice Broadway Malyan in China to date.

The design for the 65,000 square metre destination mall, located at the heart of Suzhou’s new Wuzhong Central Business District, was delivered for client Suzhou Zhongrun Real Estate Ltd, part of Zhongrun Resources Investment Corporation. It sets a new benchmark for commercial development in the region and targets young and design-conscious customers.

The practice delivered a wide range of services, from concept design through to site services and including interior and landscape architecture and branding / environmental graphics design. The design was led by the practice’s Shanghai-based team, drawing on the world-class retail and retail branding expertise of its teams in Europe and Singapore.

The design takes inspiration form the city’s canals, bridges and gardens with Suzhou known as the ‘Venice of the East’. Natural elements such as water shape the design, with the feeling of ripples and pools flowing through the space and the inclusion of curved balustrade details.

Primary void spaces are designed with organic forms to soften and bring identity to key spaces. Bridges and pools have been designed within the floorscape to create seating areas, while bespoke furniture has been constructed from natural local materials. The landscape design reinforces the concept by using the existing canal edge and including new water features, land bridges, bench seating and planting areas.

images courtesy of Broadway Malyan




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