The NFC Fitness Court by NewDealDesign

Category: Design Published on 12 Dec, 2012

The NFC Fitness Court, designed by NewDealDesign, is a community bodyweight exercise system for people of all ages and abilities. Developed on the model of circuit training, the court is divided into 7-main functional moment areas that flow into each other. Innovative multifunctional equipment allows you to customizable your experience through simple posture and grip changes. In this equipment lies the true beauty of the court; your exercise can be as light or extensive as you choose. Walk on after a stroll in the park for stretches, standing push-ups and hopscotch or design a routine of destabilized body-lifts, Bulgarian split squats and ring dips.

The court is constructed from factory-assembled pieces that are then connected on site like Legos: allowing courts to be installed by a minimal crew over a long weekend. The first Fitness Court was installed in San Francisco’s Marina Green and its success is already evident; teeming with locals, fitness groups and interested passerby’s all hours of the day.

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images courtesy of NewDealDesign




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