Absolute Towers by MAD architects

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After six years of development, chinese studio MAD architects completed the ‘Absolute Towers‘ in Mississauga, Canada, fondly dubbed the Marylyn Monroe towers by local residents. The Absolute Towers parallel the twisting fluidity or natural lines found in life. This activation of flow forms an organic punctuation in the landscape and a desire for an urban acknowledgement of enthusiasm.

The ambition of the architects was to provide each resident a unique experience of the city, a heterarchitical distribution. Continuous balconies widen individual viewing angles and promote community at the micro scale of a single floor. At the macro, the cadence of the floors rising into the sky echo the modular rhythms of the human experience, yet emphasizes the movement of an adoring figure. MAD architects hoped this building could wake up metropolitans’ desires towards nature, such as sun and wind, and certainly, human bodies.

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images © iwaan ban – courtesy of MAD architects




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