Starlight by Erich Remash, Jeremy Berglund, Don Peterson + Chad Ingle

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Starlight is a modest sculptural installation, designed by Erich Remash with Jeremy Berglund, Don Peterson and Chad Ingle, that was installed at Burning Man 2012 and four other festivals. Seven 12 foot diameter plywood stars were placed in the Black Rock desert mapping out the constellation Orion, creating a sense of place and a “heaven on earth” effect.

Starlight was a do-it-yourself project designed by a few but constructed and funded by many. The stars are designed to look good day and night and to appeal from great distances in order to draw in the curious. Repetition, scale and tension are used to combat the overwhelming scale of the Black Rock desert while getting the most from a budget of roughly $5,000.

The stars were constructed of plywood and fir blocking. Panels and patterns on the stars were cut by CNC. Each star was given a unique lighting pattern to differentiate one star from the other.

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images ©  Jesse Rather & Gleb Tarro


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