Mazzanti Evantra V8

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Mazzanti released in the past weeks the images of the definitive version of the new Evantra V8. The carbon fiber composite body of the Evantra V8 is characterized by the new rear wing and the series of inserts realized in carbon fiber, or brushed aluminium. Inside a new chrome-molibden rollcage is positioned under the roof while another one connects the new engine to the rear suspension hard-points, this way enchancing the structural stiffness of the chassis and in the same time helps protecting the occupants.

The Evantra’s “mechanical heart” is an aluminium V8, naturally aspirated 7.0 L. which is capable of developing 701 hp @ 6600 rpm and 848 Nm @ 4500 rpm. The engine has a compression ratio of 11.0, a dry sump lubrification system, and valves, connecting rods in titanium. The performance of the Evantra V8 equipped with a 6-speed sequential gearbox arrives up to the maximum velocity of over 350 Km/h with an acceleration of 0-100 in 3.2 seconds. The aerodynamic development process was realized in partnership with YSIM, a company with notable experience in F1 and Le mans. The power of the Evantra V8 is transferred onto the tarmac thanks to special high performance tyres from CONTINENTAL 255/30 R20 front and 305/25 R20 rear, mounted on special 20″ OZ alloy wheels. The braking system comes from BREMBO, formed by 380mm discs with 6 piston calipers in the front and 360mm discs with 4 piston caliper is the back (carbon-ceramic system is optional).

The tailor-made interior of the client is covered with all-natural leather prepared with special aniline leather treatment. The incredible soft touch of the leather is achieved thanks to a collaboration with a leader of the fashion/luxury sector. Every aspect of personalization is possible with the infinite options of special material, including exotic leather and precious materials.

The center console is equipped with a dash and data acquisition system from AIM and a Headunit (NAVI/CD/MP3) from BOSCH as first equipment. The engine starter button is placed onto the roof panel in “Mazzanti” style as in the “sister car” ANTAS. On the lower part of the console the modality selector is placed with different maps for the engine/gearbox, “Strada – Street” and “Corsa – Race“. On the NARDI steering wheel a small display shows the actual gear, while behind the paddles are placed.

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images courtesy of Mazzanti Automobili


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