Common Weathers – NYSCI by The Living + SOFTlab

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The Living and New York-based studio SOFTlab have created ‘Common Weathers’, an iconic exhibition design and interactive project that engages the exhibition themes for the New York Hall of Science – NYSCI. The design involves a “cloud” suspended from the ceiling that envelops the various works of art under a common roof and at the same time allows for each work to have a customized identity and experience. The cloud creates captivating views from above and from within. The interactive project involves lighting embedded in the cloud that will glow and blink according to real-time public awareness and public participation in the exhibition.

The brief asked for the exhibition to not only account for pragmatic concerns, but that the design be considered an installation as well. SOFTlab worked with Arup on the overall structure of rings and the attachments to the complex ceiling in the Great Hall. Architects said “It was a large project for us and had many challenges and sweat involved, but we are all happy with how it turned out! The show is up until January 13th, 2012. Definitely worth checking out the show and 9 artist installations!”

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images © Alan Tansey


Papabubble by Schemata Architects @ Daimaru Tokyo
Sliced Porosity Block by Steven Holl Architects
6 at 6 clock by Human Since 1982 for Victor Hunt
Dots Obsession installation by Yayoi Kusama at SKUM Sørlandets Kunstmuseum
Google Dublin Campus by Camenzind Evolution
WaterDream by Nendo for Axor
Paper Space installation by Studio Glowacka + Maria Fulford Architects for 100% Design 2013
Wilhelm-leuschner-Platz metro station by Max Dudler Architekt
Lightbattle Interactive Bicycle installation by Venividimultiplex at Amsterdam Light Festival
Kohei Nawa creates a cloud-like landscape in his Foam installation
Abandoned Silos in Montréal turned into Indoor Rock Climbing Gym
Léo Lagrange Stadium by archi5, Toulon
Mediumwave: Jake Rich redesigns the traditional microwave
Necklace inspired by Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball video by TO+WN Design
Skatepark in Reims by Planda + Constructo
Apos² office in Bangkok by Apostrophy’s
BIG and Heatherwick Studio unveiled Google’s new California HQ
Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY installations at INRIA, France
Narita International Airport Terminal 3, Tokyo

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