Hub 0 – Mobile Student Housing Terminal by dmvA Architecten + A3 Architects

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HUB 01 is a mobile housing terminal developed by dmvA and Office A3 and presented during the international Biennial ‘Interieur’. The concept is based on three principles; ‘mobility’, ‘personalized student rooms’ and ‘educational design’.

In view of globalization the idea is to provide an opportunity to students to take their own room to different places and attach it to a central terminal by a ‘plug-in’ system. A prototype of this terminal is built in Courtrai and follows the form of an I-phone. This mobile terminal houses a central kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. By a simple connecting system (hidden by the yellow accordion) the individualized rooms can be attached to the terminal.

The rooms all have different concepts. One concept is ‘back to basics’, based on ecological principles and clad with plants. Another one is based on passive living, walls are completely clad with solar panels and a wind-turbine is placed on the roof. The one with the skate platform was placed in the center of Courtrai during the Biennale, but can also be attached to the terminal. Three minimalistic white units of 6 m2 each, provide a bed, toilet and workspace to those students who want to live and work without being distracted.

The central terminal is based on dimensions of a container 244 x 600 and can be dismounted in case it should be moved. The project is a vision on the future of learning, the future of living and the future of the student, educational design.

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images © Mick Couwenbergh


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