Points of Contention by Jonathan Latiano

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As the plastics, resins and polymers that we stockpile on a daily basis increase exponentially, how are we changing the long-term geological landscapes of the world around us? Driven by the exploration of time, motion and the physics of the natural world, Jonathan Latiano presents ‘Points of Contention’, a site-specific installation sculpture that investigates the increasingly blurred line between the organic and inorganic as well as the spatial boundaries of where the spectacle begins and ends. Convergent forms of crystalline growth and explosive impact reinforce the hundreds of shards of custom cut and painted elements used to create the centerpiece of the exhibition. Through the use of reclaimed and altered wood, plastic, Styrofoam and site-grown salt crystals Latiano explores the question: At what point do the controversies of the present become the “new norms” of the future?

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images courtesy of Jonathan Latiano


On Space Time Foam by Tomás Saraceno @ HangarBicocca
Grime Writer Pen by Jakob for Suck UK
Hiding in the City: Liu Bolin's exhibition at Galerie Paris-Beijing
Courtesy of Nature by Johan Selbing and Anouk Vogel at 2013 International Garden Festival
Tomás Saraceno's Solar Bell
Feestaardvarken: Giant Party Aardvark by Florentijn Hofman
Shadow City installation in Copenhagen by Izabela Boloz
Ray of Light sculpture by Tokujin Yoshioka
Homage to the Imagination by Michele De Lucchi
Puls UV light installation by Jeongmoon Choi at Moeller Fine Art Berlin
Nuzzles: Glowing Huts on a frozen river by RAW Design
In Orbit installation by Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley
Floating Translucent Vertical Volume by Onishi Yasuaki for Granship window
Moon installation in Lausanne by SpY
Giant Maze by BIG Architects opens at The National Building Museum
Nike Sneakerball Sculpture by Shane Griffin
Loop.pH re-creates the cosmos inside a 9M sphere inflated
Giant Lipstick sculpture made of over 5000 tubes by Agne Kisonaite
COS x Snarkitecture Installation at 2015 Milan Design Week
Vincent LaForet’s Aerial Views of Los Angeles

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