Points of Contention by Jonathan Latiano

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As the plastics, resins and polymers that we stockpile on a daily basis increase exponentially, how are we changing the long-term geological landscapes of the world around us? Driven by the exploration of time, motion and the physics of the natural world, Jonathan Latiano presents ‘Points of Contention’, a site-specific installation sculpture that investigates the increasingly blurred line between the organic and inorganic as well as the spatial boundaries of where the spectacle begins and ends. Convergent forms of crystalline growth and explosive impact reinforce the hundreds of shards of custom cut and painted elements used to create the centerpiece of the exhibition. Through the use of reclaimed and altered wood, plastic, Styrofoam and site-grown salt crystals Latiano explores the question: At what point do the controversies of the present become the “new norms” of the future?

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images courtesy of Jonathan Latiano


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