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Garden Fresh by Agan Harahap

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Indonesian photographer Agan Harahap realized a new series named ‘Garden Fresh’ that investigates the shifting boundaries between humans and animals in today’s environment (grocery store) and the complex relationship between art and nature. “It is like a fable about a journey undertaken by the animals when they venture into our daily lives. The animals are confronted by a new reality that is in conflict with their natural habits and habitats said artist.

“At the same time, when we see these ‘zoo-trapped’ animals in supermarkets, their most outstanding characteristics are isolated as their ‘only’ characteristics. The animals are stripped of their own identities and are used as empty vessels to be filled with the human drama of parody, satire and allegory. We cannot help but see animals from a human vantage point, and therefore in some sense all the works in the present exhibition are actually about us” concludes Harahap. + info

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2 garden fresh by agan harahap Garden Fresh by Agan Harahap 3 garden fresh by agan harahap Garden Fresh by Agan Harahap 4 garden fresh by agan harahap Garden Fresh by Agan Harahap 5 garden fresh by agan harahap Garden Fresh by Agan Harahap

images © Agan Harahap


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