SCAR furniture by Luca Macrì

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The SCAR furniture line, designed by Luca Macrì, stems from an emotional design project that opens our homes to the surprises that catch us off guard, the mistakes we learn from, the stumbling blocks that proved we are not like everyone else, the need to get back on our feet after falling. Sometimes all that matters is getting back up off the ground. Sometimes, you’ll find, it really is for the best.

Tables, bookcases and benches are cut and sewn back together, always different, always mocking aesthetic perfectionism, always proud of their scars. “Every wound leaves a mark that is impossible to hide to others or to ourselves: they remind us of all the mistakes that we have made – we don’t mind admitting them – and that we’ll soon make again” says Macrì.

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SCAR – Scars are forever. from / LAM on Vimeo.

images PEPE fotografia | via


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