Elsa Randé’s 2013 furniture collection

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For her 2013 collection, Elsa Randé has designed furniture with names of songs, movies and poems that have marked our lives. A melting-pot of nostalgia and authenticity embodied in personalized and custo- mizable furniture. Its uniqueness? Her furniture is all sewn! Scoubidou threads assemble solid wood in an elegant stitching.

Elsa Randé sews scoubidou threads to put her wooden pieces together, a unique and unprecedented process. Thus, neither nails nor screws; only colored and solid threads that give her furniture the stamp of a fashion collection. She offers her customers to create their own personalized and customized furniture, by choosing the threads color, the feet shape and the wood species, but also by giving them the opportunity to sew a custom pattern with the scoubidou threads.

Elsa Randé designs her furniture in partnership with an artisan who works solid wood. The pure and conforting lines remind us of our childhood drawer chests or our lasting family cabinets. With names evo- king various moments that have marked our lives, her furniture sounds like listening to Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby” vibrating on the deck placed on the buffet or putting Boris Vian’s “Froth on the Daydream” down on the night table before falling asleep.

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images courtesy of Elsa Randé


Sony Building "Crystal Aqua Trees" by Torafu architects
Starlight by Erich Remash, Jeremy Berglund, Don Peterson + Chad Ingle
STEEL chair by Reinier de Jong
Radice Stool by Industrial Facility for Mattiazzi
The Aunts and Uncles collection by Philippe Starck for Kartell
Andy Martin presents Block A/B/C at the Northington Street Gallery
Nendo: UME-PLAY Collection and KARAKUSA-PLAY Collection for Gen-emon
Time Lapse Custom Vintage Racing Motorcycle by Sebastian Errazuriz
Generator Hostel Venice by The Design Agency
Durr, Shivering Bracelet that Investigates Our Perception of Time
Last Season: Designer Sweaters transformed into balls of yarn by Lernert & Sander
'Bird in a Row' - coat rack by Christine Herold and Katharina Ganz
Highline furniture collection by Patrick Norguet for Glas Italia
Jellies Family tableware by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell
Fondue Slipper by Satsuki Ohata
Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz
Proplamp by Margje Teeuwen & Erwin Zwiers
Ostrich Pillow Mini by Studio Banana Things
Massimo Uberti Neon Tubes installation for Bentley at Design Miami/ 2014
Philips Hue Go Fully Portable Wireless Lamp

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