Elsa Randé’s 2013 furniture collection

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For her 2013 collection, Elsa Randé has designed furniture with names of songs, movies and poems that have marked our lives. A melting-pot of nostalgia and authenticity embodied in personalized and custo- mizable furniture. Its uniqueness? Her furniture is all sewn! Scoubidou threads assemble solid wood in an elegant stitching.

Elsa Randé sews scoubidou threads to put her wooden pieces together, a unique and unprecedented process. Thus, neither nails nor screws; only colored and solid threads that give her furniture the stamp of a fashion collection. She offers her customers to create their own personalized and customized furniture, by choosing the threads color, the feet shape and the wood species, but also by giving them the opportunity to sew a custom pattern with the scoubidou threads.

Elsa Randé designs her furniture in partnership with an artisan who works solid wood. The pure and conforting lines remind us of our childhood drawer chests or our lasting family cabinets. With names evo- king various moments that have marked our lives, her furniture sounds like listening to Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby” vibrating on the deck placed on the buffet or putting Boris Vian’s “Froth on the Daydream” down on the night table before falling asleep.

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images courtesy of Elsa Randé


BON restaurant in Bucharest by Cristian Corvin
Tram Chair by Thomas Feichtner for TON
Il treno by Tjep.
Home of the Future by Werner Aisslinger
Talma chair by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso
MUSGUARD: A removable, rollable bicycle fender by Jurij Lozić
The Andy Warhol Temporary Museum by LIKEarchitects
Library and Learning Centre in Vienna by Zaha Hadid Architects
Ray of Light sculpture by Tokujin Yoshioka
petit h: Studio Toogood creates a bloody installation for Hermès
ElectroMagnetic table by Florian Dussopt
ICEHOTEL Main Hall "Secret Garden" by Alessandro Falca + Annasofia Mååg
Nuzzles: Glowing Huts on a frozen river by RAW Design
Bucketlights: Pendant Lamp That Lights, Grows & Cleans The Air by Roderick Vos
XX Century Capital: Giant Golden Piñata Cow in New York by Sebastian Errazuriz
Robert Morris' Glass Labyrinth, Kansas City
Sovrappensiero Grippine: bicycle pedal traction silicone shells
Reversed Volumes Leaves tableware by mischer’traxler for PCM
Renowned Designers and Architects realized 3D-printed shoes for United Nude 
Fragment screen by Nendo for Glas Italia

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