Emergency Shelters by Carter Williamson Architects

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Designed by australian practice Carter Williamson Architects these Emergency Shelters respond to all conditions ranging from minimum availability of labour and materials in remote areas to one where natural catastrophe dictates all aspects of the provision of human shelter.

The strategy was to devise both an ideal and a re-use system that cloud operate interchangeably in all conditions. In disaster zones the materials would comprise object and material retrieved from debris.

The collage of found materials would, over time, develop a specific local vernacular as these shuttlers are incorporated into the community as more permanent dwellings. The shelters in based on a 2.4 metre unit system in response to standard material lengths and truck load capacity. It can be assembled in on day by 2 people, has capacity to house 8-10 people with a mezzanine level fro sleeping.

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    Is it possible to purchase an emergency shelter kit &/or the plans & specs?
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