Downtown Mexico Hotel by Cherem Serrano Arquitectos

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Located near ‘El Zocalo’, right in the heart of the old city where the Aztecs first settled and afterwards the Spaniards built churches and palaces using the existing stones that were part of the Aztec pyramids, lies the new Downtown Mexico hotel designed by Cherem Serrano Arquitectos.

“Downtown” is settled on a magnificent palace, witness of the XVII century architecture. Known as the “Palacio de los Condes de Miravalle”, the red volcanic rock walls, the multiple doors, window quarry frames and the handmade cement tiles, along with the glorious patios and a spectacular stone-forge staircase provide the building the unique flavor of the Mexican vice regal style. The intervention preserved the original façades and the main walls, and although we took advantage of the general distribution of the space, a new order with a contemporary look was proposed, attributing a new identity and character to the building.

The architectural program is original and innovative, with a combination of boutique hotel and hostel within the same building. Both concepts are spatially separated working as two different elements. The access floor welcomes the visitor into an interior patio of triple height, a clear representation of the important colonial heritage. The ground floor has two other inner courtyards, which separate the spaces and surround the corridors resembling a Hacienda.

The patios are the main distributors of space, allowing natural light and ventilation into the hotel and consequently decreasing the use of energy, artificial light and air conditioning. The guest rooms are located in the first and second level and are attractively designed in neutral tones, spiced up with retro lamps and custom designed furniture.

The traditional red brick is protagonist through the interiors. By taking advantage of the nobility of this material, architects designed a lattice which is constant in the rooms, furniture and walls. The rooftop is equipped with a restaurant and pool, offering panoramic views of the city and crowning the project.

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images © Undine Pröhl – courtesy of Grupo Habita


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