Glass Farm by MVRDV

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RemBrand developers, the Town of Schijndel and MVRDV have completed the Glass Farm, a multifunctional building in the market square of the small Dutch town. The building with a total surface area of 1600m2 contains shops, restaurants, offices and a wellness centre. The exterior is printed glass with a collage of typical local farms; a monument to the past but 1,6 times larger than life. This concept can be seen as a contemporary response to retro-architecture whilst respecting the public’s wish for vernacular authenticity. In 1944 the small Brabant town of Schijndel which is the birthplace of Winy Maas suffered from WWII Operation Market Garden damages resulting in an oversized market square. In 1980 the then 20 year old Winy Maas urged the mayor to fill in the gap, 23 years after this first initiative the building has been completed.

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images © Image Persbureau van Eijndhoven – courtesy of MVRDV


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