25hours Hotel Zurich West by Alfredo Häberli

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The 25hours Hotel Zurich West was developed with the team of Alfredo Häberli Design Development together with Aeberli Vega Zanghi Architects and with Stefanie Häberli-Bachmann. The 25hours Hotel is his first chance to completely design a hotel and combine his well-known products with new, exciting ideas, especially designed for 25hours. 25hours through and through, of course with its own little wink and a dip in the paint jar. As designer of the hotel, Alfredo Häberli creates surprise with double-entendre and value-added in the different room elements.

With the working title of “the smile of my hometown” the hotel is riddled with artistic and graphical interventions, which lead the guests out into the new home town of 25hours and into the favorite spots of the design team – beyond banks, chocolate and watches. On the one hand, Häberli and 25hours are declaring their love for Zurich, on the other hand, the hotel becomes a three dimensional city guide in the form of decorations, objects and quotes. The interior becomes a mirror of the city.

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images courtesy of 25hours Hotel Zurich West


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