SUBMERGENCE by Squidsoup

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Submergence is the new project of Squidsoup, an international group of artists, researchers and designers, that transformed the ROM gallery space into a Mixed Reality environment where virtual and physical worlds coincide. The result is an immersive walkthrough experience that uses light to alter our perceptions of space and presence.

Imagine walking through a virtual world, where pixels on a screen are replaced by thousands of points of light floating in space. These points of light create environments, atmospheres and movement in physical space. 8,064 points of light suspended in a physical walkthrough space measuring 8m x 4m and 4m high.

Submergence is the culmination of a five year research project exploring interactive media experiences that occupy physical space. The installation is on show at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur, Oslo, Norway, until 17 February 2013. The Submergence exhibition will also feature in Oslo LUX 2013, a one day conference and event taking place in Oslo on 7th February 2013.

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Submergence01 from squidsoup on Vimeo.

Submergence by Squidsoup
ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur
Maridalsveien 3
N-0178 Oslo


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