Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

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Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Brazilian firm Studio Arthur Casas has recently completed Casa K, a unique dwelling ‘dressed’ by golden metal panels, for a young couple with children in Sao Paolo. The division of the space proposed is quite simple: garage, service area and home theater in the basement, kitchen, dining and living room on the ground floor and bedrooms on the first floor.

To dress the house, architects and client have chosen singular perforated metal panels, with a pattern based on the photograph of a leaf. In this way the proximity of the neighbours becomes less oppressive and the spaces create an interesting relation with the variations of the sun.

On one hand the panels filter the light and the sights; on the other hand a patio to bring light to the basement and a slit above the stairs to illuminate the vertical garden were created. The master bedroom has a generous opening towards the backyard, where the landscape creates a small oasis within the city. A water basin intensifies the sensation of openness in the garden.

Sliding doors allow different modulations between the dining room, corridor and pantry, bringing flexibility to the house. In the living room large glass windows slide to integrate the space with the garden. The Studio has designed some of the furniture, adapting objects from the 50’s inherited by the client.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

STUDIO ARTHUR CASAS – Casa K from Studio Arthur Casas on Vimeo.

images © Fernando Guerra


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