Taxi-Dermy Lenticular Prints by Joe Jin

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Taxi-Dermy Lenticular Prints by Joe Jin

Taxi-Dermy is a stunning series by Canandian design studio Joe Jin of lenticular prints playfully merge two objects, one living and the other man-made – the insect and the automobile; seemingly different but eerily alike when scales are blurred. Aerial stock photos combine with lenticular lens printing to create artwork that appears as a taxidermy insect at first glance, then morphs into an automobile when viewed from different angles.

Four 3D transforming prints to collect – Heterorrhina elegans (beetle) to Cooperrhina clubmans (Mini Cooper Clubman); Vespula vulgaris (wasp) to Vesportbike bimmeris (BMW sportbike); Mantis religiosa (praying mantis) to Motocross kawigiosa (Kawasaki motocross); and Eutrachelus temmincki (weevil) to Racetrackelus grandprix (Formula One). Each lenticular print comes framed in a shadow box and ready-to-mount. BUY Taxi-Dermy Print for 35 USD here

(Click images for full size photos)

Taxi-Dermy Lenticular Prints by Joe Jin Taxi-Dermy Lenticular Prints by Joe Jin Taxi-Dermy Lenticular Prints by Joe Jin Taxi-Dermy Lenticular Prints by Joe Jin

images courtesy of Joe Jin


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