Spike chair by Alexander Lervik

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Spike chair by Alexander Lervik

The Spike chair designed by Alexander Lervik is unique in it’s kind. The seat and seat back are fashioned from a number of rods, like a bed of nails, which collectively mimic the curve of a body. The base of the chair is made of tubular steel, welded together with a three-millimetre steel base plate. The upper section is made of turned ash components.

Alexander Lervik gained inspiration for his new chair during a trip to the Philippines.“One day it poured with rain. Raining stair rods, as they say, and that’s exactly how it was. The shafts of rain resembled slanted lines and in that rain I suddenly saw the outlines of Spike in front of me,” says Alexander.

“I wanted to create a sculptural chair with a strong graphic identity. It was a challenge to make Spike comfortable despite its distinctive appearance,” says Alexander. Spike will be sold in a limited edition of ten at Gallerie Pascale.

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Spike chair by Alexander Lervik Spike chair by Alexander Lervik Spike chair by Alexander Lervik Spike chair by Alexander Lervik Spike chair by Alexander Lervik

Spike Chair from Alexander Lervik on Vimeo.

images © Alexander Lervik


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