Harbour Attic by Gosplan

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Harbour Attic by Gosplan

Italian architecture studio Gosplan recently refurbishment a flat in Camogli, a charming village near Genoa. It is a small holiday apartment, an attic above the old fishermen’s harbour. The project aim was to build two bedrooms, a studio, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, despite the gambrel roof and the very small floor surface (about 30 square meters).

That led to a tailored apartment, where each room is a piece of furniture: after you have used it, you can close it. The outcome is halfway between an existenzminimum challenge and a fashionable Le-Corbusierian cabanon.

The main bedroom is totally made of wood, a darker one compared to the parquet used in the living room. It’s a sort of wooden box, an inhabited furniture. As a tribute to the modern tradition, architects choosed Le Corbusier‘s ‘lamp de Marseille‘ to characterize the living and they lighted up the bedroom with the ‘pivotant wall lamp’ by Charlotte Perriand.

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Harbour Attic by Gosplan Harbour Attic by Gosplan Harbour Attic by Gosplan Harbour Attic by Gosplan Harbour Attic by Gosplan Harbour Attic by Gosplan Harbour Attic by Gosplan Harbour Attic by Gosplan Harbour Attic by Gosplan

images © Anna Positano – courtesy of Gosplan


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