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Kaki side table by Kenyon Yeh

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Kaki side table by Kenyon Yeh

Creative product and furniture designer based in London Kenyon Yeh designed ‘Kaki’, a wall stand side table with simple lines, easy to install. Table surface is circle with little bend at the end as a point to rest the table and will grab the wall not to falling down. Kaki is suitable to be put everywhere as a place to rest books, magazines, flower pot, table lamp, or small objects.

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2 kaki side table by kenyon yeh Kaki side table by Kenyon Yeh 3 kaki side table by kenyon yeh Kaki side table by Kenyon Yeh 4 kaki side table by kenyon yeh Kaki side table by Kenyon Yeh

images courtesy of Kenyon Yeh


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