NaMu chair by Peter Yong Ra

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NaMu chair by Peter Yong Ra

Recent graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (Furniture, BFA) Peter Yong Ra has designed ‘NaMu‘, a white oak, teak and paper cord chair that seeks to embody family valuables.

“On a daily basis everyday objects are inherited and passed down from one generation to another to become family heirlooms. The NaMu chair represents the enduring moments that are formed with these meaningful treasures” says Yong Ra.

The word Namu, meaning ‘tree’ in Korean, celebrates the importance of family roots and the stories found within them.

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NaMu chair by Peter Yong Ra NaMu chair by Peter Yong Ra NaMu chair by Peter Yong Ra NaMu chair by Peter Yong Ra NaMu chair by Peter Yong Ra

images © Adan Torres – courtesy of Peter Yong Ra


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