Frigg sofa by Marianne Kleis

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Frigg sofa by Marianne Kleis

Danish designer Marianne Kleis has exhibited at 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair the ‘Frigg‘, a piece of furniture designed for only one or two people. “Here you can withdraw from the world, be yourself, feel safe, rest and recharge” says Marianne. The shape that embraces the user creates a little cave which you can crawl into, take your feet up and snuggle. Frigg is a fully upholstered sofa consisting of a shell with cushions. The cushions are quilted which provides a 3D effect and creates a good contrast to the smooth surfaces of the shell.

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Frigg sofa by Marianne Kleis Frigg sofa by Marianne Kleis Frigg sofa by Marianne Kleis

images © Emil Monty Freddie – Steen Gyldendal


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