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Nendo w132 lamp for W채stberg

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Nendo w132 lamp for W채stberg

Japanese design studio Nendo recently shown at 2013혻Stockholm Furniture Fair the new Nendo w132 lamp혻for Swedish brand W채stberg, a lighting fixture made by assembling its parts: the shade, post and stand.

The height and form of the light can be easily changed by adding and rearranging the components. By attaching the wire unit to the shade, it becomes a pendant lamp. Adding a longer pole to the desk lamp makes it a floor stand. The shade is also available in three different shapes: a cone, sphere and a cylinder.

(Click images for full size pictures)

2 nendo w132 lamp for wastberg Nendo w132 lamp for W채stberg 3 nendo w132 lamp for wastberg Nendo w132 lamp for W채stberg 4 nendo w132 lamp for wastberg Nendo w132 lamp for W채stberg

images courtesy of Nendo


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