Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now

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Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now

Located on the Black Sea cost in Constanta, Romania, Apartment “H” by Bucarest-based studio Re-Act Now, is a beautiful open space with a continuous “sea coast feeling” and a predominately white palette.

A glass partition cut out the main sensation of “innocence” of the existing space, through its folding trace and through a special spectral film sticked directly on it, usually used on some small gadgets or promotional products.  The 3M Radiant Color Film gives an optical properties at the glass partition, providing a “real life” to the whole space.

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Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now v Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now

images © Andrei Margulescu


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