Jar RGB lamp by Arik Levy for Lasvit

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Jar RGB lamp by Arik Levy for Lasvit

Paris-based artist, photographer, designer and filmmaker Arik Levy presents at Milan Design Week 2013 the ‘Jar RGB‘ lamp for Czech brand Lasvit. Jar RGB is a lighting project connecting thin colorful glass blowing techniques and the idea of RGB color mixing.

Using white glass for one of the hanging jars allows it to turn into a large light bulb generating the light for the entire fixture. Observing one jar through another and the space surrounding them gives one a unique and everlasting discovery of color superimposition.

Jar RGB lamp by Arik Levy for Lasvit Jar RGB lamp by Arik Levy for Lasvit Jar RGB lamp by Arik Levy for Lasvit Jar RGB lamp by Arik Levy for Lasvit Jar RGB lamp by Arik Levy for Lasvit

images courtesy of Lasvit


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