Alix Sofa By Tilt for Amaze

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Alix Sofa By Tilt + Amaze

Renowned French artist Tilt in collaboration with Amaze workshops has created an incredible new piece of furniture/art work. Passing from the tint area to the volume, Tilt knocks down his art codes, and delivers us with “Alix” a new and personal work.

Thanks to the AMAZE workshops, the artist gives body to its inspiration and offers us a rewriting of the sofa, this place dedicated to languor and dream. Tilt confesses his attraction for abandon and eroticism, by creating a setting of his name.

Alix Sofa By Tilt + Amaze

Made in France by master craftsmen, Alix is a real technical exploit. 725 working hours among which 500 hours of saddlery were needed for its confection. The pad drawing was created according to the artist’s will, in close collaboration with the master saddler. 30m2 of full-grain leather as well as 266 buttons, sewn and appended by hand, were used during the sofa confection.

Alix is a real work of art, unique, numbered and signed.

Alix Sofa By Tilt + AmazeAlix Sofa By Tilt + AmazeAlix Sofa By Tilt + Amaze

all images courtesy of AMAZE


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