Villa Mallorca’s Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup + Studio Mishin

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Villa Mallorca's Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup + Studio Mishin

Created to complete “Villa Mallorca”, a building project located in the south of Spain, the state of the art structure consists of an illuminated sculpture made out of perforated continuous folded copper with no visible fixings.

In early 2010, Studio Mishin contacted Arup. At this point the villa was largely complete but still needed a central staircase. Spanning three floors, the architect’s vision consisted of an imposing staircase that lies at the central heart of the building and creates a visual link by the use of perforated copper panels throughout the interior and exterior of the building.

Villa Mallorca's Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup + Studio Mishin

Arup´s Materials Consulting and Lighting Design´s teams in Berlin began to work on the practicality of realising and building the copper cladding. Through an on-going dialogue between the architect, contractor and supplier, the team translated the challenging design into a feasible solution; identifying at an early stage that lighting design was required to provide both functional and decorative lighting design as the existing wall lighting would not be sufficient.

Villa Mallorca's Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup + Studio Mishin

The lighting design accentuates the geometry of the perforations of the copper panels through backlighting, with dramatic lighting from above to reveal the texture and material properties of the copper and laminated wood. An innovative approach to both maintenance and construction for the lighting elements was also a critical element of the success of the project.

The result is a clad with almost 200m² of composite panel, including treated copper, bonded and structural timber with approximately 12,000 perforations made by a CNC water jet cutter.

Villa Mallorca's Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup + Studio Mishin

all images © QUINTIN LAKE – courtesy of ARUP


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