4C IFD Bicycle by Alfa Romeo

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4C IFD Bicycle by Alfa Romeo

Sophisticated design with a light-weight, innovative frame: these are the features of the ‘4C IFD Bicycle‘ project designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Centre and Compagnia Ducale. The acronym IFD (standing for ‘Innovative Frame Design’) places the accent on the intensive research aimed at making the frame as light as possible.

The same principle was applied by Alfa Romeo engineers in designing the 4C to obtain a weight/power ratio lower than 4 kg/HP, a genuine super car result. To achieve this they decided to reduce the car’s weight by choosing materials that combine lightness and efficiency, and improving – at times even creating – manufacturing processes that fuse high technology and craftsmanship. The result is a total dry weight of only 895 kg made mostly of aluminium, steel, lightened SMC and carbon fibre.

4C IFD Bicycle by Alfa Romeo

The structure fashioned as a simplified “4” is inspired by the dynamic, streamline style of the Alfa Romeo super car. The innovative “C”-shaped cross-section of the frame introduces a carbon-fibre half-tube structure made of the same high-tech material used for the chassis of the Alfa Romeo 4C for the first time in the world.

 4C IFD Bicycle by Alfa Romeo

The profiles converge dynamically towards the junctions of the handle bar, the chainset and the saddle to form structural strength points joined by steel tie-rods which enhance the special construction of the frame. Icon of style and technological innovation, the limited-edition 4C bicycle is entirely crafted by hand in Italy for lovers of unique, exclusive objects.

4C IFD Bicycle by Alfa Romeo

all images courtesy of ALFA ROMEO


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