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The submarine #L1F3 got stuck in Milan

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The submarine #L1F3 got stuck in Milan

Via Mercanti, Milan, 8 in the morning. The submarine #L1F3 got lost and during the maneuvers pierces the asphalt surface a few steps from the Duomo. The captain and crew are stunned, the passers-by are incredulous. Policemen and firemen intervened. It isn’t the chronicle of an accident, but the publicity stunt created by Milan-based agency M&C SAATCHI for an insurance company to launch their new LifePark Protection store.

2 the submarine l1f3 in milan The submarine #L1F3 got stuck in Milan 3 the submarine l1f3 in milan The submarine #L1F3 got stuck in Milan 4 the submarine l1f3 in milan The submarine #L1F3 got stuck in Milan

(FOTOGRAMMA) | video © Europe Assistance Italia


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