Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh

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Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh

New York-based artist Do-Ho Suh realized intricate and lightweight sculptures of the appliances and fixtures found in his Manhattan apartment, using only polyester fabric.

Creating full-size replicas of his  bathtub, toilet, medicine cabinet, radiator, refrigerator, and kitchen stove, each piece resembles a CAD drawing or an x-ray image. This series, titled ‘Specimen Series‘, was created as a part of his upcoming exhibition at Lehmann Maupin in Hong Kong. The exhibition runs from November 14, 2013 to January 25, 2014.

Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh

all images courtesy of LEHMANN MAUPIN


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