Standing Light by Studio Swine

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Standing Light by Studio Swine

Interdisciplinary design practice Studio Swine lead by Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves presents “Stand Light“, a floor lamp made from recycled plastic bottles. The bottle bulbs are a lighting pieces made from beverage bottles that have been heated and re-blown into a eclectic collection of organic forms without the conventional recycling process where the glass is broken down into cullet first.

This results in a clearer higher quality glass requiring less energy and retaining some mark of the previous industrially manufactured form. The bulbs are fitted with customised brass fittings and LEDs.

Standing Light by Studio Swine Standing Light by Studio Swine Standing Light by Studio Swine Standing Light by Studio Swine Standing Light by Studio Swine Standing Light by Studio Swine

all images courtesy of STUDIO SWINE


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