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Inspired by everyday electronic devices and the speed with which they are discarded nowadays, this collection designed by Chilean architect Marcele Godoy rescues electronic waste, transforming it into an ornament that can be used with a new meaning.

Every necklace has been handcrafted reusing wires, plugs and electric nuts, pursuing to contribute a little bit taking care for the environment.


“I started this project trying to find a new use for these item, rescuing and transforming many of them into an object that can be used in our daily life with a new meaning, now as an ornament and not as a secondary element” says Marcele.

So far, I created a collection of necklaces, but in the future I would like to explore new objects with this duality between functionality and aesthetics.

3-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy 4-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy 5-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy 6-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy 7-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy 8-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy 9-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy 10-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy 11-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy 12-elle-e-waste-jewelry-by-marcele-godoy

all images courtesy of MARCELE GODOY


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