Hello Wood’s Christmas Tree made out of 365 sleighs in Budapest

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This year the Palace of Arts in Budapest celebrates Christmas with a 11 meters high Christmas tree. Hello Wood, a local architecture and design studio, has built a special installation made out of 365 sleighs – it will stand in front of the Palace of Arts until the end of the holidays. After Christmas, the temporary structure will be disassembled and the sleighs will be donated to the little inhabitants of the SOS Children’s Village in Hungary by favour of Telekom.

“We wanted to create a temporary installation, which is not only spectacular, but its main elements remain usable so they can be distributed among kids. For us, this is the point of social awareness: you don’t only show something, but at the same time you give something unique” says Andras Huszar, architect of Hello Wood about the installation.

2-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 4-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 5-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 6-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 7-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 8-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 9-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 10-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 12-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 11-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest 3-hello-woods-christmas-tree-made-out-of-365-sleighs-at-the-palace-of-arts-budapest

HW CHRISTMAS INSTALLATION 2013 from Hello Wood on Vimeo.

all images © DÁNIEL DÖMÖLKY | H/t archinect


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